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As per Records, Jam Rawalji built Jamnagar in around A.D. 1519. Kshatriyas of Jadeja empire of Kutchh, crossed little Rann of Kutch with an army, defeated Jethwas, Dedas, Chavadas and formed Navanagar State. The region was called Halar from the name of Halaji, Son of Gajan, the ancestor of Jadeja empire..

  • Taluka- 6
  • Gram Panchayat- 415
  • Literacy- 66.48%
  • Area- 14125 s/k.m.
  • Population- 13,89,283
  • Rural Residents- 6,60,013


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Shri M. A. Pandya, District Development Officer
Shri M. A. Pandya
District Development Officer

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